Monday, August 31, 2009


Part of the "challenge" of this blog is behind the scenes. I am also learning "iphoto" and its editing power. If you've looked at some of these pix before and are saying "hmmm, I didn't notice that" it may be because the picture has been replaced/upgraded. Thanks to all of you who have commented and helped out...I am blessed by your help.

"Plans fail for lack of cousel, but with many advisers, they succeed." Proverbs 15.22


I have been trying to scrap these pictures since I took them about a year and a half ago and nothing worked. But I was specifically inspired by the swirls in the "Doodles" challenge and even more by the vellum swirls that Kim did on"Beautiful". I wanted to show his breath on the dandelion. Had the basic layout last night and saw the Challenge of the Week this morning ( so spent (waaayyyy to much) time with embellishments inspired by Katherine's layered butterfly, Kerri's jewels and sparkles in the snow and Kristina's stamping on vellum. I really pleased with the results. Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Biggest Leaf Pile Ever

A double challenge here...learning to upload a picture and entering a "contest" at Practical Scrappers. Their challenge was to use vellum so I added a little fall color to my vellum, loaded up the cricut and cut many falling leaves and bringing back one of my favorite memories with Timmy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Accepting New Challenges

The world of technology is moving on and every day I'm challenged to understand something new. So this is my answer to the new "school year". I will start slowly and learn about posting/blogging in a new way and work on updates/upgrades little by little. But to keep myself on task, I know that it must contain something that holds my interest. That's patches/patchwork/quilting and scraps of fabric. Scraps of paper is a fairly new hobby but scrapbooking can be quick and satisfying....especially when looking at my darling grandkids and our precious children.
So I got this set up. Next challenge some pix or a new background...we'll see just what the Lord has in mind for me and this site.