Friday, July 7, 2017

Shopping for Shoeboxes

Shopping for Shoeboxes - My best deals         Geared toward packing boxes for ages 10-14

Hammers - $2.88 Walmart
Tape measures - $1.00 Walmart
Flashlights - w/ batteries - small $1.00 Walmart    Free with coupons @ Harbor Freight
Tennis balls - if you have a club near you, they may donate their used tournament balls.  You can wash them in the machine and they look like new. Tournaments use a new ball for each game so they are still very good.
Any kind of ball
Baseball caps
Fishing gear - hooks, line, bobbers, sinkers 
Work gloves - Walmart
Hand garden tools - Walmart

SEWING Needles Ribbons
Pins Thread Buttons (Don't buy but if you have them sitting around, we will send them)
Tape measures
Scissors (that can cut fabric) Fiskars brand    
Michaels has a 10 pack regularly 10/$11 so 10/$6.60 w/coupon. Various sizes but again, all cut fabric. Available in stores and online

Hair goodies
Purse or totes
Playing cards

Health supplies
Soap 3/$1 Dial Sensitive at Dollar Tree
Toothbrushes  Multipack @ Walmart
Nail clippers - Diane Nail Clippers, 72 Count Amazon $24
Combs or brush
Washcloth or hand towel
Clothing - T shirts, shoes, flip flops, socks, hats, scarves, shorts, skirts, dresses

Art or craft supplies - NO liquids like paint or glue

School supplies- Sales begin in July    Best overall price 2016 Walmart then Staples
Pens Pencils
Crayons Solar Calculators
Rulers Colored pencils
Erasers (bar) Sargent Art 36-1012 36 Count Premium Pink Eraser Best Buy Pack Amazon $5.40
Paper - all kinds especially notebook
Scissors (fiskars, wescott are good brands)

Dollar King - all items $1.11  These are things I’ve found recently or they have pretty consistently
Insulated lunch bags - 
Flip flops - I found Coppertone brand
Water bottles - BPA free

Harbor Freight -  if you have one nearby, they always have freebie coupons for flashlights, tape measures, batteries (aa is what we mostly use) and other tools. 1 coupon per person per day and a purchase is required (and you can use a 20% off coupon for that). I just usually get another small item for the shoebox. Take a friend and use 2 coupons!

Encourage better dental care between…

Toothbrush and soap holders (and more including health supplies and zip top bags) can be bought in bulk at  This is a form specific to us and shipping is free with the code shoebox.  Contact me before you use this and I’ll get all the current details.

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