Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sewing Kits for Operation Christmas Child

Gifts for the older children are difficult to get so we decided to make sewing kits for the older girls. This should not only serve and a useful gift but may lead to skill development that could lead to a trade when they are older.
Here's the containers we started with. The baby food containers (on the left) come in 2 sizes. The round containers were from a body cream, about  1 3/4 inches high with a 4 inch diameter. As we only had one mint container we didn't decorate it today, saving for when we have multiples to work with.

For the round containers cut the fabric a 5 1/4 inch diameter circle. This will be the covering of the pin cushion top.

 The batting - we used 2-3 layers -  cut to 3 3/4.
The top of the container has a wide strip of heavy duty, double stick tape around the edge. Batting and fabric are applied and then another strip of tape.  This will hold the ribbon in place. Ribbon cut 14 inches long will give you plenty length plus a bit extra to work with.
A representation of our kits - 3 sizes (large and medium shown with supplies). We will be sure to add scissors to the box as well, perhaps even some fabric.

For the baby food containers we covered the top with a small piece of contact paper and decorated with stickers.
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  1. Very sweet! Now to find some containers to work with!

  2. Having grown up trying to make hand me down clothes fit, I would suggest the hook and eye closures. A large pack is cheap and can be divided among all the kits. Buttons are great to replace a button. Hook and eye, or even the hook and loop (Velcro) strips, can create a fastening where none exists.