Monday, June 11, 2012

Not my usual post but this weekend was not my usual one either. My "Stitchin' for Missions" group was asked to sponsor a 7 hour workshop making utility quilts at a Lutheran Womens Missionary League (LWML) convention. Our standard size is 60x80 as for many of our recipients, this is the only quilt they will ever have so we want it big enough for an adult. We were told to expect 70 women throughout the day. I had a crew of 7-10 spaced throughout the day as well.  Many asked me how I set it up, supplies, etc. and I am happy to share as it went well (so why reinvent the wheel?).
Our room was about 24x48.

In the back we set up 2 tables end to end (walkway in between) for 
sewing machines, 2 per table.
Next were 2 sets of 2 tables each (side by side) which we used for 
laying out quilts.
The 3rd "row"  was 1 more sewing machine table (2 machines)  
and our cutting table/hand work area.
4th row was and area for 2 ironing boards  and our supply table
You can see the next area contained our 3 tying tables. In front of 
the table on the right is a "Welcome" table where we had the 
ladies sign in and then they were assignedto one of our "Stitchers" 
to help them get working. The greeter at the table knew who to 
call depending on what they wanted to do. eg Jan handled those 
on sewing machines, Dede, Jennie and June on tying, Tracy - 
the clippers/cutters or she just gave tour and then assigned them.
Behind me (taking the picture) and against a wall was our display.
The right side of the room with the "Welcome" table. You can see 
we used quilts as tableclothes.
Our tying tables were: 1 at normal level (you can sit and tie ), 
1 was raised 3 inches, the other 6 inches. Kudos to the person who
invented the PVC risers.  We had many questions about them.
 You can see our display in front.We added finished quilts to the racks 
and to 2 chairs on either side.  Each time we finished one, it was held 
up and "Number 4 (or whatever) is finished"followed by a cheer.  We 
stored tops and backs, tied together) under the tables so they could 
just grab another one and keep going.  We flipped our back edges 
to the front and pinned for binding while they were there and then 
moved from the table to stitchers at machines. Batting roll is at the 
end of the table.  Other tables had top, batting and backs tied 
together and underneath.
This is our cutting table. I made the decision not to have people 
cutting squares at the workshop. Cutting materials are their for 
trimming only. 
We make a "rag" quilt from t-shirt material (I'll post directions 
later) so we used half the table for them to clip the rag quilts. 
They finished 3 - yeah! Check out Tracy - she's wearing the
aprons we made for this event.

Like many of you, I have ladies who will only do specific
jobs. One only sews blocks/tops, another prefers 
(she is CRAZY) binding, another only ties. The rest are 
multi-functional.  I didn't want anyone waiting to work 
sew I brought quilts at every stage. 
Supply specifics are given for those who asked for detail...
the rest of you can kinda skim through this part.
4 quilts ready to bind
25 ready to tie
1 ready to clip (pix above)
30+ ready to make into tops 
20+ misc color backs 
2 rolls batting (only used 1 as about half of the 25 
ready to tie had batting with them)

3 cutting boards and 9 various rulers
7 sewing machines (and yes, one did break down 
                                 so the spare was good)
2 irons and boards
8 extension cords
Misc. thread - bring lots of neutral, tan or grey... 
                          I had 4 and ran out
15 sewing scissors, 
15 thread clipping (read as too dull to cut fabric) scissors  
                                           30 total, all were used 
5 measuring tapes
3 seam rippers
5 boxes of pins (the large ones 400? each)
5 magnetic pin cushions - 1 between each set 
of machines and extras for floating around - all used
2 rolls masking tape...bring more 
40+ tying needles  One lady chose to just sit and 
                         thread needles - bless her!
Crochet thread
Pens, pencils, misc. marking equipment
Boxes and garbage size bags for packing finished quilts
Lunch bags that we attached to each corner of the tying, 
          cutting and sewing tables for scraps, trash
Box under each tying table for reusable size material scraps

9 of the most wonderful ladies that anyone can ask for as
  partners in ministry - No! you can't buy them or have them!
1 Amazing Sovereign God who answers prayers offered 
   for this event and in all parts of life. He is yours for the 
   asking as there is enough of Him for all of us
1 or more Bibles for all the answers and as guides 
   throughout the day.

We transport most of our goods in enormous rolling 
       suitcases to transport most of our supplies.

We were allowed 2 hours to set up and only needed
45 minutes. We packed for each area. One small suitcase 
with crochet thread and needles. 2 large with ready to tie. 
1 with tools, 1 with backs. Made setting up a snap. 
Also at our planning meeting a week prior, we assigned 
duties so we weren't tripping over each other. 
Jan set up sewing machine area, June,Jennie and Ruth the 
tying tables, Dede display and Welcome table and so on.
Clean up was honestly a little crazy. No plan (me bad!). 
Eventually had a couple take over finished quilts, pack and 
take to display (11 floors away), another did Welcome/Displays. 
Unfortunately the rest kinda got shoved in wherever so much 
sorting being done today (yuck!) but I learned a good lesson - 
"she who sets it up, packs it up as it came out!"

Hope this helps!
To God be all glory for a wonderful turnout!

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